My Cakes

One of the things I love to do is decorate cakes. I started small and easy when my kids were little. You know the Wilton shaped pans and the billions of little stars? Yeah, those kinds of cakes. I did those for years. I never thought I had the skill or talent to do anything else. Then Ace of Cakes and Food Network Cake Challenges come along and everyone wants a Duff cake. I still didn’t think I had the skill or talent. I definitely didn’t have the know-how. My first couple of cakes were okay, but I definitely needed to learn more.

This gallery showcases many of the cakes I’ve made over the years. The good and the not so good as well. I hate when people show only the good things, you know dang well they had some flops. Just be nice and understand that I have learned a lot from my first few attempts. I am totally an amateur and it shows on many of the cakes. The cakes aren’t in any particular order but you can tell which ones are my earliest endeavors.