Baby Yoda Cake

Another cake done. This Baby Yoda cake didn’t turn out quite as I had hoped. It is missing that sweet young innocent looking face. It’s definitely more of an older Yoda.

I wanted to do better than a flat little face plastered against the side of a cake so tried to give it a bit of dimension.

When I first started working on him he was really old looking so I turned up the corners of his mouth a bit and tried to smooth out the lines on his face a bit more. But he still didn’t turn out quite the way I had hoped.

I also didn’t want him to lie flat against the cake so wrapped the face around a bit of fondant to make it stick out a bit from the side.

It was a pretty small face and left a lot of open cake so I decided to make two faces, one for each side.

As long as Asher was happy with it I guess I should be too.

BUT…after it was delivered we discovered how big of an idiot I am and that I can’t spell worth a darn. Sigh. How embarrassing.

He’s actually kind of scary looking isn’t he?