Spring Gardening Cake

Here’s a cute little cake I made for my son’s girlfriend’s mom. Whew, that was a mouthful.

She wanted something small, cute and gardening related. She sent me one idea and I did the whole Pinterest thing and found a few more ideas and combined a few of them.

I will admit that I cheated and used a white box cake mix. I still haven’t found a good scratch one that isn’t heavy and dense. If anyone has one please share! I layered it with chocolate buttercream and frosted the outside with vanilla buttercream.

Fondant decorations for the rest of course. Fortunately I did have a couple of small flower cutters so that was easy. It was a last minute cake so I didn’t paint the watering can and small shovel silver like I wanted to. I also probably should have made the watering can a wee bit bigger but there simply wasn’t enough time for it to dry properly. I didn’t want it to sink down in on itself and become a pudge.

All in all a pretty quick and easy cake.