Finished Object Friday – Hufflepuff Baby Blanket

I finally finished a project! It’s been a few months but this one needed to be done before the end of October. I made another Harry Potter / Hogwarts baby blanket for a family friend. This time it was a Hufflepuff. I previously made Slytherin and Gryffindor baby blankets for her and she wanted to continue the trend. I told her I’d make a Ravenclaw one for her, this is going to be her last child, so she can have the whole set.

I used the same pattern, my go to, Picture Perfect Baby Blanket by Darleen Hopkins. I absolutely love this pattern and the stitch. It uses the moss stitch and really makes for a nice weave. If you use a nice soft 4-ply yarn you get a beautiful blanket. The blanket works up pretty fast and I would rate it as very easy. It would be pretty good for a beginner. The most difficult part is starting the round after you finish the center square because it doesn’t start as a round from the beginning. But it’s actually pretty easy as long as you keep your count and stitches even.

I used Hobby Lobby’s Yarn Bee Soft Secret yarn. I like it because it’s so similar to Caron’s Simply Soft but they had the best Hufflepuff colors. I’m having a difficult time locating the perfect colors for the Ravenclaw blanket so that’s going to be awhile yet.

I have a full size afghan almost done for another family friend who was supposed to get married in August, but they postponed the wedding because of Covid. I only have some ends to weave in and then that was is done as well. I’ve not been doing much crocheting lately, just catching up on a lot of reading. Seems it goes in cycles.