WIP Wednesday – Snowflake afghan and play food

I might have mentioned that I’m trying to work through a bunch of old projects that have been sitting around for YEARS, yes, YEARS! Right now I’m hoping to get this snowflake afghan done for my daughter for Christmas. Yeah, I know it’s months away and I should have plenty of time, but truthfully I’m pretty sure I won’t get it done. There’s always something else on the horizon. Like the play food my grandson wants me to work on. Or the baby blanket my oldest daughter wants me to make for a friend of hers. I know how I am, I’ll get working on something else and get bored with the snowflake afghan and it’ll be ignored for months again.

This afghan pattern is from Vanna’s A to Z Afghan Book. They have a pretty diverse selection and I’ve made several over the years. Not sure why I chose a motif type blanket other than it’ll look great with her snowman collection. I hate sewing squares / motifs together and this one has a lot!

Speaking of sewing motifs together, I feel pretty stupid. I consider myself a reasonably intelligent individual but I just recently figured out that using stitch markers to hold the two motifs or strips together really helps to keep the stitches in line. I know, you are probably thinking that was a no-brainer and I should have known that, but I never thought about it. Here I am struggling to hold the two pieces together and line up the stitches just right and trying to sew at the same time. Duh! Or you might say, just crochet the sections together. Sometimes I like the look of sewn pieces way better than crochet. It’s just how I like it. Especially for this particular blanket.

I’ve been trying to rotate between the play food and the snowflake afghan. Both take sewing but at least I get to do some crocheting as well with the food. I’ve finished up a couple of items but still have several that are half done. Not to mention the long laundry list of things he’d like me to do.

Here we have some bacon and it’s package, partial fried eggs, lettuce, a cinnamon roll, chocolate chip cookies and grapes.

This is why he wants me to make more food. He’s been “cooking” for his mom and I lately and is frustrated that he doesn’t have certain items. He’s such a silly boy.

Time to get back to work. I want to finish the lettuce at least tonight.