Finished Object (FO) Friday – Pink ripples and Pokeballs

I actually finished this afghan at the beginning of the year and only now finally took pictures. This was supposed to be a Christmas present for my sister-in-law but as you can tell it hasn’t made it to her yet. Guess it’s starting to get a little too warm now to use it but if I get it sent out to her soon she’ll have it for fall, right?

The pattern is called Heartbeat Ripple from By Mimzan. It’s a lovely pattern but I will admit that it took forever because I made a full sized afghan and used a teeny tiny hook. I also don’t want to admit how many times I realized I made a mistake several rows back and had to tear it all out. My daughter thought I was nuts and no one would notice the mistake but me anyway. I don’t know about you but I simply can’t let a mistake slide by, not if it’s significant at least, it would drive me absolutely nuts. That’s why I still haven’t finished the Minion blanket I started a couple years ago, I’ve ripped it back twice now and have other ideas to make it better.

I used Hobby Lobby’s Yarn Bee Soft Secret. It’s very similar to Caron’s Simply Soft in weight. I needed to find the perfect hot pink and compared a whole lot of yarns and thought Yarn Bee had the best color. Hot pink is her all time favorite color and I think she’s going to absolute love this thing. The pictures really don’t show the true color of that pink. It’s bright!

I ended up using a G (4 mm) hook which really helped show the definition of the pattern. The ripple pattern just didn’t look as nice when I tried bigger hooks. The afghan ended up being extremely heavy but fortunately the yarn is a thin worsted weight so it’s actually not too bad. It’ll be perfect on a cold winter night.

I also made a few Pokeballs for my grandson. He loves watching Pokemon and we even play Pokemon Go together, it’s a great way to bond with him. He also loves to pretend he’s battling enemies and these Pokeballs are perfect for throwing at his friends. Nice and soft and won’t break anything. I’m working on hand grenades too but haven’t quite perfected the pattern yet.

There are so many patterns out there for these things. The one I used was from WolfDreamer off the hook! The Pokeballs ended up being about the size of a large orange. I like this size better than smaller ones because they don’t get lost as easily. It was such an easy pattern and you can easily finish several in a couple of hours, especially if you do it assembly line style.