Harry Potter – Gryffindor Birthday Cake

My grandson just celebrated his 9th birthday and asked for a Harry Potter cake. He went through Pinterest with his mom and picked out the cake he wanted me to make.

I thought it looked pretty easy for the most part. I was worried about the sorting hat and the golden snitch to tell the truth. The sorting hat came together a lot easier than I had anticipated. Even if the fondant was drying out and cracking in places that just added to worn look of the hat. I just needed to make sure I got the eyes and mouth right. A few clay modeling tools and there you have a decent enough looking sorting hat.

The snitch needs some work but I was in a time crunch again. Nothing like waiting until the morning of the party to start molding the figures right?

I molded fondant around a chop stick for the wand. I wanted to make sure it was firm and didn’t bend if it was picked up. If I had started a few days earlier I could have used gum paste but I don’t think it turned out too badly. I need to get more dimension in my colors though. Maybe it’s time I pulled out the fancy sprayer my son gave me for Christmas a few years ago and play with it.

I haven’t made a cake like this in quite some time and had a lot of fun. I love it when the cake comes together pretty much like you had envisioned it.