Trying to write down a recipe…not a snap

Mom’s Stuffing – guess this should be called “dressing”

My daughter is hosting Thanksgiving this year and will be making the traditional roast turkey with stuffing. The problem is…I always make the stuffing and there is no written recipe, I just throw things together. I helped her make it a couple of years ago but we just didn’t take the time to write anything down. She was very frustrated because everything I do is by sight or smell. I told her to add more sage, she said “how much” and I shrugged and told her to put some in the palm of her hand. She then asked “how do you know how much or when?”. I told her it “smells like it needs more”…sniff, sniff..”needs more sage”. Big heavy sigh and a rolling of her eyes. She brings it up every now and again telling me it doesn’t help her because “sniff, sniff” isn’t a measurement, so I figured I had better attempt to write the recipe down before Thanksgiving.

So tonight I made stuffing to go with some chicken breasts. It’s really hard trying to get exact measurements when you eyeball everything. But the end result turned out just like it’s supposed to and we now we are closer to having a recipe with actual measurements. Yay!

I’m probably going to have to make it one more time just to ensure it wasn’t a fluke and the measurements are right. But I don’t think anyone is going to complain that’s for sure. She loves to pick at the raw stuffing when I’m making it so I made sure to leave her a small bowl and gave her a call to come get a bite and let me know what she thought. It was definitely okay.

It’s a pretty basic and easy recipe. No sausage, giblets, nuts, cranberries, or other stuff. Just bread, onion, celery and a few herbs. But the entire family devours it every holiday so I must be doing something right.

We do stuff the turkey and cook it in the bird. There is usually some leftover that I can bake in a baking dish. But we all agree the stuffing from the bird is the best.

Once I have the recipe fine tuned I will definitely be posting it. I just need to make it read like a recipe and not just a bunch of random scribbles.

I have to admit to having a ton of respect for those of you who create new recipes. It’s a very time-consuming process and you have to test that recipe out several times to make sure you didn’t forget anything. No wonder I haven’t written any of mine down yet. But it does need to be done so those family favorites aren’t lost once I’m no longer here.