Veterans Day – Thank you to all that served

My mom (Marines), Grandpa, Uncle (Marines) and Grandma.

November 11th a day to recognize and salute all those who served. Those who have served and still serve today. It can be a tough and lonely life sometimes. Many sacrifices must be made by those who serve and their families. From month long field training exercises to year long, back to back, deployments.

Me – Germany 2001

It is a responsibility I voluntarily chose and I don’t regret my decision. I was able to visit foreign countries. Meet so many different people that I can still claim as friends. There is a camaraderie that develops and bonds are forged that are not easily forgotten.

My brother – Navy

My nephew – Marines

So thank you to the many men and women who have and are presently serving in the Armed Forces. Also thank you to the families that support your service member. Without you many of us could not have made it through!

Kosovo -2000