Fall Cookie Fun

I never did get around to making Halloween cookies this year and my grandson has been bugging me to make frosted cookies. So we dug through the cookie cutter bins and found a few good ones for fall. A few leaves, acorns, pumpkins and an apple. We even threw a turkey in there.

He was so funny helping to make the dough because he kept stopping to take pictures of the ingredients and then a few selfies with the mixer…he will be nine next month.

He really cracked us up when he asked for a black “funnel” so he could make some outlines on his cookie. The funnel being a decorator bag with frosting in it and a round tip. In his nine year old mind it reminded him of a funnel so that is what it is and forever will be known as.

The other little guy is my honorary grandson and this is probably only the second or third time he has decorated cookies. That little tongue sticking out is too cute.

Anyone else enjoy making and decorating cookies with their little ones?

I want to give them as many fun memories as I can and love baking with them. These are the things I am hoping they’ll remember when they are older.