FO Friday – Cute as a Button Baby Blanket

I finished a project! Hooray!

This is the Cute as a Button Baby Blanket test I did for Darleen Hopkins. The pattern isn’t quite ready to be published yet but I just couldn’t help sharing it with you today.

I love the pattern. The main body works up quite quickly with the corner-to-corner (c2c) method and I can imagine any number of different color combinations. If you are in a time crunch and need a quick blanket then this is the one for you. I would suggest leaving off the buttons if you are in a hurry though. The buttons are quick to work up, it’s the sewing on that takes up time.

I’ve been imagining different appliques that could be added instead of buttons. Think farm animals, numbers, letters, fish, turtles, elephants, etc.

I used Vanna’s Choice yarn. White for the main body, honey and mustard for the border with a bit of chocolate and olive in the border as well.

My daughter has already asked for a larger size in Ravenclaw colors. Yes, we are Harry Potter geeks.

I think Brown Bear likes his new blanket. That little bear is about 34 years old. My daughter got him as birthday present for her 2nd birthday and then handed it down to my grandson. He loves that thing and can not sleep if he isn’t snuggled up with him.