Garden Update for 9-1-19

Another month has flown by and my garden is definitely showing signs of winding down and preparing for fall.

Garden is letting me know fall is on the way

My zucchini leaves were covered with that gray mildew you seem to always get later in the season but I did learn some new information and will definitely keep it in mind for next year. I’ll post more on that later…something along the lines of “lessons I learned”.


The pumpkin patch is withering away and bright orange pumpkins are emerging. I deliberately only planted two or three seeds. We had limited space and didn’t really need a ton of pumpkins. Just something for my grandson to carve for Halloween.

Cherry tomatoes for days

The tomatoes plants are bursting with color and beautiful fruit.

Fresh harvest this morning.

Check out this tomato harvest! They are absolutely beautiful and I am so pleased with how great a crop I got this year. I picked some Celebrity, Roma and San Marzano this morning and am working on canning spaghetti sauce.

Roma on the left, Celebrity and then San Marzano

They are as beautiful inside as they are out and taste amazing. We had to slice up a couple of the celebrities and ate them at lunch. Yum!



San Marzano

The beans are turning yellow and dying as are the cucumbers.

Overall I think I had a pretty successful garden. A few new lessons to take with me next year and who knows I may just become a decent gardener yet.