A Little Spring and Summer Catch Up

Wow where is time going? I can’t believe it’s August already, wasn’t it just April not too long ago?

Speaking of April…we went to visit the tulip fields again. It was so close to the end of the season that it wasn’t as pretty as it could be but there were still some beautiful flower to be seen. We went to Tulip Town in Mount Vernon, WA. They have some pretty amazing fields and gorgeous flowers.

We left it so late this year we weren’t even able to pick up pots of tulips or bulbs. So sad. Next year I guess.

Berries, berries, and more berries

My sister-in-law came over from Spokane last month so I could show her how to make jam. We have some fantastic u-pick berry fields here and she came just in time to pick the trifecta; blueberries, blackberries and raspberries (which are my brothers favorite). We spent a couple of hours picking tons of berries at Barbie’s Berries and then spent the whole next day making jam. We made raspberry, blackberry, blueberry and a mixed berry using all three types of berries. I think we ended up with 48 or so jars of jam. I don’t think she’s going to be running out any time soon.

That’s a whole lotta jam!

I haven’t started my own yet. We crushed them and measured what we needed into freezer bags and threw them in the freezer until we have some time or it cools down a bit. It’s too dang hot here right now.

I haven’t been doing much crochet this year for some reason but did manage to get another blanket made for my dog. My daughter was using an old afghan that her grandma had made and I didn’t want it to get ruined. I had plenty of scrap yarn the colors coordinate pretty well with the colors of her living room.

I didn’t follow a pattern, just started a chain and then the moss stitch. I really like this stitch, especially if you use a larger hook than called for. The afghan has a nice drape and isn’t too thick.

My grandson has been seriously missing my son’s dog, Hudson, now that he moved out and we finally found a puppy that we thought would fit in well with the family. He’s a border collie/black lab mix and is quite a handful but oh so sweet. Keeping with the “H” theme we named him Hunter. We have a Harley, a Hudson and now Hunter.

The newest addition to the family…Hunter.

I think I’m all caught up for now. We did go on a couple of camping trips as well in June and July but I’ll save those for the next post.