Garden Update – July 31st

Garden on July 31st.Wow what a difference a few weeks make. It’s finally been getting a little warmer here so my plants are really taking off. I’ve harvested a bunch of zucchini and cucumbers already and I don’t think we are close to being done yet.

I need to find some other uses for the zucchini and cucumbers. Time to start perusing my recipes and seeing what I can find.

Check out these bunches of cherry tomatoes. I’m not sure we can eat them all!

The celebrity tomatoes are looking gorgeous.

The tomatoes are looking fantastic. I made sure to stake them this year and started pruning early. I have some beautiful San Marzanos and plums as well and can’t wait until they are ready. I think I might make and can some spaghetti sauce this year, it has to be better than the store bought.

Spaghetti squash looks almost ready.

Young spaghetti squash. These are going to need a few more weeks.

I’m trying spaghetti squash for the first time and they are looking pretty good. They are on the small side but I think it’s because I didn’t give them a ton of room to spread and grow. But that’s okay, you can only eat so much spaghetti squash anyway.

My beans are doing okay now but not quite where I’d like them to be. I think I have a soil deficiency in that square because the leaves are yellowish and they aren’t very bushy. But they’ve finally started to flower and some baby beans are forming. Another couple of weeks and we’ll be harvesting more beans than we know what to do with. I’m not a fan of frozen or canned beans so guess I’ll have to share. Darn.

Potatoes in a grow bag.

I can’t believe how fast this potato plant has grown. I wonder if there are any good potatoes in that dirt. I checked the little flap but didn’t see any ‘taters. Maybe they just need more time, they are only just starting to flower now so I’ll just have to be patient and wait.

I have a volunteer sunflower right in the middle of my lettuce that I decided to allow to grow. I loved seeing it in my garden last year and actually loved all the bees buzzing around it. It’s a little behind where it should be but it won’t be long and I’ll see the pretty yellow and brown heads.

I have more notes to add to my garden journal for next year. I need taller poles for the beans that’s for sure. My squash and zucchini are still a little crowded so I’ll probably be using two squares next year instead of one. I may need to resort to some containers or grow bags for some things because I have no plans to add another raised bed.

And for some comparison…

May 11th – The beginning. It looks so empty.

June 25th -it’s coming along

July 31st