The Dreaded Lecture

via Daily Prompt: Lecture

When I saw the prompt for today I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself.

My kids tell me often enough that they wished I had spanked them more as a child. Can you imagine kids wanting to be spanked? Yeah, well that’s mine for you.

I asked them why and they said every time they got in trouble and were sent to their room they knew it was going to be bad. Mom was going to come in and lecture for 10 minutes and make us feel awful for disappointing her so much. They would just rather I blew up and spanked them right then and there and get it over with. They absolutely hated my lectures.

But no, not me.

Me: Go to your room and wait for me so we can discuss what you did wrong. Don’t even think about playing with any of your toys or reading your books. Think about what you did and why you did it.

Kids slowly make their way to their room, heads hanging low and feet dragging.

I let them stew for 10-15 minutes before going in and ask them why they thought they were in trouble and then I would go into lecture mode. Explaining why I was upset and letting them know that their behavior was unacceptable and I expected better from them.

They usually knew exactly why I was upset. But hey, kids have to test the waters and push that envelope don’t they? If we as parents don’t hold them accountable as children then how will they learn right from wrong when they are older.

Most of the infractions were probably minor for the most part. But if we let them slide on some rules then they’ll keep pushing to see how far and how much they can get away with.

Maybe that’s what is wrong with children growing up now. Everyone wants to be the perfect parent that doesn’t yell, doesn’t spank, doesn’t punish. They want their children to be their friend. Yeah, no, that just isn’t going to work on all kids. Some kids, yes, but not most.

You can be their friend when they are adults. Right now it’s your responsibility to help mold them into an adult you can be proud of.