My Crafty Sister – Beads and Things

Red beaded dragonfly

My sister is extremely talented and creative and I would love to see her succeed in a home based craft business. So I thought I would give her a hand getting her name out there. Check out her Facebook page Designs by CLT.

Last year she tried selling her beaded snowflakes and other items on ETSY but just wasn’t successful. Hundreds of lookie-loos but only one serious purchaser so she sort of gave up that avenue of selling. I’ve read quite a few comments and articles in other forums about selling on ETSY and for the most part it has totally become over saturated with the same things and doesn’t seem like very many people are successful. Maybe if she had started her store way back in the beginning she’d have better luck. She would have built up a nice steady client base and repeat customers. I don’t know, maybe with a more focused approach she could try again and maybe do a pretty good business. I looked around and there are some nice snowflake ornaments out there but not as interesting as hers.

Seahawks inspired beaded snowflake

These particular snowflakes are pretty big, I think approximately 6 inches or so. I think they would look really nice hanging in a window as a sun catcher or string several together during the holidays and hang from a mantle with a bit of greenery.

Small pink snowflake

She did sell a bunch at a few craft shows last year and will be working on some smaller snowflakes for this next holiday season. Seems those were more popular. They aren’t as heavy and look good on any size tree.

She also did a bunch of spiders that were extremely popular. Frankly I hate spiders and won’t buy one from her but they are really cute. Hang them from your rearview mirror in the car. Have you ever heard the story of the Christmas spider? Hide one in your tree this year.

Orange and Black Halloween Spider

These are just a few of the beaded items I photographed for her one weekend. Eventually I’ll get around to snapping pictures of all of her work.

She does have a Facebook page if you are interested in seeing more of her stuff. She’d be happy to create a custom snowflake, sun catcher, spider or whatever if you ask. She’s been working on a few other ideas and loves a challenge. Can’t guarantee that it will work out sometimes, she’s had a few great ideas but practically they just don’t work out.

Go visit Designs by CLT. She has a whole lot of other items like custom pillows, custom jewelry hangers and some wood products that my brother-in-law made. Just send her a private message if you see something you are interested in and she does have a Pay Pal account.

Next up I’ll focus on her custom pillows and jewelry hangers.

Little Ladybug