A Handcrafted Christmas

My daughter benefited from two handcrafted Christmas gifts this year. I finally finished my prototype filet crochet snowman and decided to give it to her for Christmas. Eventually it will be a much larger piece, I just wanted to see how the snowman would work out.

I worked it in size 10 cotton thread but will definitely need to use size 20 for the large project. I didn’t expect it to be so large already. I have a Santa and reindeer wall hanging I did years ago, see the picture below, and she wants one like it only with snowmen.


Santa and reindeer filet crochet wall hanging using size 20 DMC cotton thread.

We decided her little guy would look better framed. I’m also going to fill the snowman in more so he can be seen better. It’s not perfect and needs some work but fortunately she fell in love with it.


This other item I was very hesitant to do because I haven’t painted in years. But you know how Pinterest sucks you in and has so many great ideas that you just know you have to give it a try. I saw several painted wine bottles and wanted to give it a shot myself. Of course it was a snowman, after all it is her Christmas theme.


I used acrylic paints and hand painted everything. It took a few days because I wasn’t happy with some of it. But stepping away and sleeping on it helped to guide the way. I hated the way I originally had painted the hat, it looked like it was just sitting at the top of his head instead of fitting on it snugly. I left it sit overnight and the next morning I knew exactly what to do.


Then there were the details, I think the little details really finished off the project. The snowflakes falling from the sky and the snow sitting on the tree branches totally completed it I think.


I added some Christmas greenery to it as an idea of what she can do with it. I’m thinking she could also get some of those metal photo holders and change out pictures during the year or add other seasonal decorations. It’s not very Christmasy, just wintry.

I was pretty pleased that it turned out pretty close to how I had it conceptualized in my mind. Now on to a Santa for me.