Dinosaur Cupcakes


Dinosaurs was the theme today. I was asked to make simple cupcakes for a birthday party with a dinosaur theme. I saw some different examples on Pinterest of course and came up with these little cuties.

Fondant dinos waiting for finishing touches.

Fondant dinos waiting for finishing touches.

First I had to find some cartoon images that I liked and most importantly were the right size. I ended up doing what I find myself doing quite often, tracing the image straight on the computer screen. Printing always makes it too big.

Cut each of the little guys out and then carefully, using an exact-o knife, cut the image out of fondant. I used one of my little cake decorating tools to score in the lines and other facial features.


Finishing touches of whites for the eyes, spike for the stegosaurus and horns for the triceratops. I used black food coloring to pain the pupils to finish them up. What a perfect use for all of my scraps of fondant from other projects. I didn’t have to mix colors or buy any new fondant for this one. I loved it!


This was a pretty quick project compared to others, only about 10 hours or so including baking the cupcakes. I would love to get these guys made into little fondant cutters. Thank goodness she only wanted 3 dozen cupcakes.