Cowboy Themed Cakes

The most recent request for a cake was rather vague regarding instructions. I was simply told “something rodeo or cowboy themed. Maybe some boots, or a horse, possibly bandanna themed”.

cowboy cake 2

I had no idea what direction to take. Most times people send me a picture and say “can you make this?” So, what do you do when you don’t have a single idea? Yep, go to Pinterest. I found a few different cakes and took elements from those that I really liked.

I loved the whole bandanna idea and decided to make that sort of the main focal point. The bandanna is made out of a fondant triangle and I draped it on the cake, trying to make it drape like an actual bandanna. I also painted the paisley designs the best I could.

cowboy cake 4

I made the smash cake to replicate the large cake. Being a smash cake I wanted it to be all frosting, not fondant. The best thing about a smash cake is watching the toddler smearing cake and frosting all over their face and everything they touch. The red is going to be spectacular!

cowboy smash cake

Of course if you have a cowboy you need a hat and boots right? I didn’t want to make a huge hat that would take over the whole cake so just kept them small. The boots were rather fun to make. I used a thin little tool to etch a pattern in the blue part of the boot, needed to make them somewhat decorative right? That’s a small piece of rope hanging over the boots in case you were wondering.

cowboy cake 5

I also decided to make sheriff stars. For the smash cake just a small one with the baby’s first initial. I made a large one for the big cake and put his full name on it.

cowboy cake 3

If you’re a cowboy you need some cows so the first tier is a cow print. I saw tons of cakes with the cow print and blue for blue jeans.

cowboy cake 6

Speaking of jeans, you can’t have a cowboy in jeans unless they are in Wranglers so I piped a couple of pockets on the back of each of the cakes as a cute little surprise detail.

cowboy cake

Another cake under my belt. There are times I really wish I could see people’s reactions to the cakes. Do they like them or not? I’d love to see if the baby really does a smash or if he’s going to be like most babies and pick at the frosting and then play with it in their fingers trying to figure out what got stuck there.