WIP Wednesday – I Love My Dachshund Blanket

I’ve not been very productive this summer and now going in to fall I need to get moving so I have a few things ready for Christmas. Right now I’m working on this I Love My Dachshund Blanket from Mamma’s J.A.M. Pack for my son’s girlfriend. Oh and try to ignore the hanging tails, I think I do mine a bit different than most, I have tails on both sides. I just don’t like the look of carrying the yarn over or how it works out trying to leave the tails all on one side.


It’s my first time working a word chart instead of straight from the chart. Let me tell you how easy it is! No counting squares, no trying to figure out where you left off, no mistakes in counting and having to go back and figure out what I did wrong. It’s all done for you. Her patterns all start from the top down where I’ve always worked my charts from the bottom up. Not sure why it works out that way, but I like it.

Take a look at her site, she has tons of patterns ready and if you give her an idea of what you’d like she’ll create a word chart just for you! I found the cost to be very reasonable considering the work I put in just to count squares on the chart as I’m going along. I appreciate all that work being done for me already. I have plans to make several more blankets using her patterns.

You might remember the Minion Blanket that I started quite some time ago that I was working straight from a chart. Well I didn’t like the way it was turning out and have frogged it completely and plan on starting over and this time I’m going to see if I can create my own word chart. Get all that counting out of the way at the beginning and then just worry about the crocheting.

I’ve also started a shark blanket for my grandson, that has barely been started and I’m pretty much winging it at this time because the pattern calls for chunky weight yarn and I want to use worsted. We’ll see how it goes.

Off to enjoy some more counting!