Owl Birthday Cakes

My latest cakes were owl themed for a little girl’s first birthday. The theme was Dena Designs, more specifically Happi by Dena.

owl cakes

I thought it would be easy. It was, in a way, it was just time consuming and meticulous. All those little details with the flowers and the birds, the scrolling branches of the tree. Whew! Took a lot longer to do than I thought.

Top tier

Top tier

I made sure to decorate all the way around the cake, not just the front. The person I made the cake for sent a picture of what they wanted and I’m always disappointed that you don’t get to see more angles of the cake. So here are a few more

owl cake hedgehog

Little hedgehog and bird.

I used fondant for all of the decorations, even the itty, bitty pupils of the eyes, the beak on the birds. For the grass I rolled out a long piece of green and then used an exacto knife to cut out the grass. Another major time consuming task.

Squirrel with birds and flowers

Squirrel with birds and flowers

fondant owl

Fondant owl

Back side of the cake

Back side of the cake

I also had to make a pink owl smash cake. I made it look like the fondant owl on the big cake. I did the old school Wilton method with little stars. I love it. It’s quick and does give a lot of detail, and best of all NO fondant!

I would love to see baby’s face full of frosting. But then again if it’s like any other one year old, they sort of pick at the frosting because they aren’t sure what it is.

pink owl smash cake2

pink owl smash cake

Time to take a nap! Was up late last night and up early this morning just to get them done.

Next I think I have a brain cake for a first birthday and a guitar for another birthday. The brain cake will be interesting to say the least.