Family Visit May 2015


Whatcom Falls

Whatcom Falls

My daughter and grandson came for a visit again this summer. No camping this year, but we did make sure we did a few of the normal touristy things. You know, those things that you do or places you go only when you have visitors.

First we had a sleepover with my niece and nephew. We took a long walk, checked out the ducks and geese, made cookies…most of the frosting ended up on their tongues.

Cade's not too sure about the geese

Cade’s not too sure about the geese

Checking out the ducks

Checking out the ducks

Making funfetti cake mix cookies.

Making funfetti cake mix cookies.

Frosting the funfetti cookies....oops the knife slipped.

Frosting the funfetti cookies….oops the knife slipped.

Out like a light.

Out like a light.

We took a trip to the mountain. This was the earliest they have ever had the road open to the top…we had a very warm and dry winter so not a lot of snow up there. But it sure was fun playing in the snow in our shorts. They live in South Dakota, can’t say I’ve ever wanted to play in the snow in my shorts there, that’s for sure.

megan cade artist point

Artist Point – Mount Baker

pushing grandma

Trying to knock Grandma over

megan and cade snow cade snow cade snow 2 cade artist point


Next we had a little fun on the beach. Not that we have the best beaches in this area but we do have one little sliver that is sandy and safe. From the snow to the beach, how fun is that?

Look like they are on a very important mission, don't they?

Look like they are on a very important mission, don’t they?

Every time my daughter comes for a visit she wants to go up in the Space Needle. It’s been years since I’ve done it so we decided to spend the day down there and spend the night right before they had to head back to South Dakota.

Space Needle

Space Needle

space needle 2

Cade with Auntie Ashley looking over Seattle.

Can’t visit Seattle without checking out the gum wall…pretty gross isn’t it?

Gum Wall - Seattle

Gum Wall – Seattle

mmmm gum wall

Seattle Aquarium next up.

Touch pool with Auntie Ashley

Touch pool with Auntie Ashley

seattle aquarium 8

seattle aquarium 3

seattle aquarium 2

Jellyfish - I love this picture

Jellyfish – I love this picture

Look - it's Nemo

Look – it’s Nemo

I had a great time with them and I really wish they didn’t have to go home. I’m trying to convince them they need to move out here…what’s not to love about the Pacific Northwest?