More Crochet Play Food Done

I seem to have gotten into somewhat of a crochet slump. No new projects, not even really finishing up old WIPs and UFOs other than more play food.

taryn food

My SIL took this beautiful picture of some of the food I had already finished up at Christmas and then again in February.

crochet play food

This is some other play food I finished up in February. Pancakes with a pats of butter, a chunk of Swiss cheese, bread slices, fried eggs, watermelon slice, green and red bell peppers, a potato, strawberries, a tomato, orange and a piece of bacon.

This bunch was finished up last month.

pizza pie veggies

Hamburger with the works, ketchup bottle, milk carton, an apple, cauliflower, more potatoes, celery, lettuce, pumpkin pie, pizza, ice cream sandwich, sandwich cookies, sausages and bacon.

The pumpkin pie was so darned fun to make and so cute. I bought the pattern on ETSY at Crochet ‘n Play Designs. The pie slices come out of the little pie pan and there is a cute little dollop of whipped cream on top. Love this design!

pumpkin pie 2

Then there is the whole pizza with individual slices. The pattern came from an old leaflet from Annie’s Attic. I decided the pizza also needed a pizza pan so came up with a pattern myself. It was pretty easy, I crocheted two circles and then cut out a piece of plastic canvas to line the pan, crochet the two pieces together to form a rim.


Here’s few of my other favorite pieces. Check out the watermelon slice.

watermelon milk hamburger celery cauliflower block of cheese

I’ve actually been working on more pieces that I found on Crochet ‘n Play Designs. I have Mexican food, tortillas with salsa and guacamole, fajita and a quesadilla.

Then there is another hamburger, just smaller in size, with the works, chicken nuggets, fries, and a drink cup.

I’m designing a mustard jar to go with the ketchup and have plans for so much more food. I’m just having a blast making this stuff. I’m going to make another set of everything to have around the house here for when the kids come over. My niece and nephew also picked out a ton of stuffies they want me to make. I guess I’ll never have to worry about what to make.