CSA Box – April 9, 2015

My box this week was very generous with greens. Now that I have an empty nest again I’m going to have to switch to receiving a box every other week instead of every week. I’m finding stuff going to waste and there are other recipes I want to try out with ingredients not in the box.

Swiss chard, kale, dandelion greens

Swiss chard, kale, dandelion greens, savoy cabbage, beets, chicken curry sausage, campanelle pasta, cheddar cheese, pie dough, carrots, mint, dill, onion, garlic, eggs, dried garbanzo beans

Recipes this week:

Campanelle with Egg, Capers and Greens
Chicken Curry Sausage with Peanut Sauce and Wilted Kale
Chickpea Fritters with Minted Yogurt Slaw
Swiss Chard Tart and Quick Pickled Beets

I will admit that I won’t be making the curry sausage with peanut sauce. I’ve tried it before and I’m just not a fan of the combination of flavors of the curry sausage and peanut sauce. I was thinking about using the sausage in a stir-fry instead.

I am interested in the chickpea fritters and can’t wait to try those out and plan on roasting the beets instead of pickling them. Yum, yum!