WIP Wednesday – Started something new yet again

Yep, I started a new project. But in my defense it is something that my daughter has been asking me to make for several years now. She wants a large filet crochet wall hanging similar to one I made many, many years ago. Mine is red with Santa and a reindeer. She wants hers to match a tablecloth and napkin set my mom embroidered for her that has, you guessed it, snowmen on it.

I took the copy of the snowman from the embroidery pattern and attempted to graph it. I decided I had better test the snowman pattern first before attempting the much larger project. The chart looks pretty good, but we’ll see how it translates in yarn.

Here’s what I have so far.

filet snowman

I also finished crocheting her Seahawks afghan so now all I have left is the weaving in of ends. Have I mentioned yet how much I hate weaving in ends?

I ended up frogging this top down shawl project

DSC_0598It just wasn’t hanging right and wasn’t quite what I wanted. I need something that will lay across my shoulders and down my arms without being a mile long. I think I’ll have to try a more crescent shaped shawl, triangle shawls just aren’t working right.

I did finish a project! Yay me! It was just the weaving in ends on an old WIP/UFO but I finished something in my basket finally. That is for FO Friday.