WIP Wednesday – can you say startitis?

I may have mentioned before that I have a terrible condition called “startitis”. It seems I am always starting a project and never finishing it. It was embarrassing enough to showcase all of my WIPs and UFOs earlier and now here I have a few more to add.

I’ve been working on and off between these projects for a couple of weeks. I’ve also been adding to my toy crochet food collection but haven’t been taking any pictures. They all need ends weaved in, finishing touches, etc.

This is another Darleen Hopkins Picture Perfect Afghan. I made a few more alterations of course. Because this is going to be a larger afghan I did two rounds each of the contrasting colors. The space between the contrasting colors I increased to 20 rounds.

Seahawks colors lapghan

This is the first one I did as a test. When we were asked to test the pattern she only wanted a bit of it done to double check the pattern repeats. But I’ve been slowly weaving in ends here and there and I’m bound and determined to check one thing off of my WIP list. My goal is to finish it by this Friday so I can say I finished something finally. You can see how different it looks with the changes I made on the Seahawks colored one.

picture perfect afghanI also started two shawls. Why? Because I felt like it. It’s not because I wear them all the time and needed more. I only have one and my dog has taken possession of that one. I mainly use it during the winter while crocheting. It gets a bit chilly and you just can’t crochet and wrap up in a big comfy afghan now can you?

The top one is called Top Down Shawl from Red Heart. I had some of this pretty blue and white Serenity Garden yarn that I had left from a frogged project and thought it would look pretty. It should work nicely because the shawl won’t be big and bulky.

top down shawl

This one has been in my Ravelry queue forever and is called the Elise Shawl. I actually wanted to make a lace weight shawl that I could use as a scarf but I saw someone had used the Serenity Garden for their shawl and liked the look of it. I had frogged another one of my projects that I wasn’t happy with and thought I would use it for this shawl.

elise shawlLast but not least the progress on my Minion blanket. I’ve been pretty much hands off for a long time, it’s been too hot to have this heavy thing lying across my lap. But now that it’s cooling down a smidge I’m starting up on it again. One question I have is how in the world do people keep the ends only on one side of the afghan? I have numerous ends to weave in on both sides. Unless they are cutting the yarn each row?

minion blanket