Another Manic Monday

Ugh, Monday, how I hate them. Especially this week. I thought last week was bad trying to play catch up from my vacation but this week is going to prove to be just as bad.

I don’t have a properly trained fill-in so I had piles and piles of unfinished or half-finished work greeting me my first day back to work. Let me state for the record that it is not my fill-in’s fault whatsoever. To be fair I left her an equally huge pile of unfinished work for her return from vacation. She took two weeks off prior to my one week. I had to fill in for her and do all of my work. She had to fill in for me and catch up on all her work. Trust me, it wasn’t pretty.

Here’s hoping that I can catch up this week and it won’t be nearly as bad as I’m anticipating.