Food Network Star – Week 6

This week the finalists had to create their own brand and shoot a commercial to sell their product. It wasn’t as easy as it sounds because they were given rather odd places to hawk their products. The moon, the Great Wall of China, the desert, the old west, Paris, a tropical island, and a tomato patch of huge, oversized tomatoes. Trust me Lenny did not get the old west. The finalists had to really fit their product in to surroundings that did not fit them or their product. The producers of this show are cruel and evil. I know it was to force the finalists to be able to sell their product to anyone, anywhere. Like selling ice cubes at the North Pole.

Only one really stood out, Loreal. She is such a natural on the screen and can be enjoyable to watch. But I have to admit that her schtick is getting old, well so is Lenny’s. I love how natural both of them are but they are trying too hard to be over the top and it would be nice to just see them be themselves and not so loud.

I really have to disagree with the panel this week. Chris made flavored butter coins. How hard is that? Seriously? Susie said it was the best thing she’s ever seen on the show! His commercial was lacking, he didn’t sell anything. How would I use it? Why do I need it? He is who they choose to be one of the top winners this week? He still hasn’t cooked anything! Once again they prove that cooking isn’t the most important aspect of the show.

Nicole was obviously uncomfortable. She had a good product but didn’t sell it.

Emma had this atrocious French accent that was barely understandable. She also had a good product but didn’t really sell it, especially as it was beets and most people cringe at that word. Personally I love beets so I would have liked trying it.

Reuben fell very flat on screen this week. He just didn’t have his usual energy. He’s trying so hard to pull back a little as the judges have suggested that he’s going backwards. The panel was split on his product. It was one of three hot sauces.

Lenny had one of the three hot sauces as well. Fortunately for him his product was loved by everyone on the panel which saved him because his performance in his commercial was way over the top. Even though he and Loreal are my favorites, both of them are getting a little annoying with their “loud” personalities.

Sarah made baby food. She hasn’t seemed to settle in to anything yet. First it was Date Night but she wasn’t able to pull that one off. Then it’s Texas cuisine. I’ve lived in Texas, what exactly is Texas cuisine? Ummm, not baby food I don’t think. She’s going to have to solidify her POV or she’s going to be leaving soon.

In the end the bottom three were Nicole, Reuben and Emma. The judges decided that Reuben wasn’t improving, in fact he seemed to be getting worse so he’s the one that was sent home.

Now they are off to Vegas.