WIP Wednesday – Minion Blanket

I think I mentioned in an earlier post that I was working on a graph-ghan for my daughter. It’s been consuming all of my time because I need to get it done by May 17th. This is all I have done so far. I haven’t figured out how people have those loose ends only on one side. I’ve got dangling ends on both sides. Lots and lots of weaving in ends in my future.

minionHere is the graph that I’m working from. I found a cute image and then used one of the free knitting graphing programs to convert it. I went in and tried to clean it up a bit with colored pencils and markers.

minion2I’m planning on going back around and doing some kind of back stitch around parts of the image to clean it up a bit, you know, like you do in cross-stitch. Especially the face and his legs to give it a bit more dimension.