FO Friday – Baby Blankets, a Wrap, and a Basket.

I guess it’s been a bit since my last FO Friday. I have finished a few things. One of them a months old testing project.

This is my Seahawks inspired Picture Perfect Baby Afghan. I made it for a friend of my daughter who is having a little boy. I originally tested this pattern for Darleen Hopkins and made an off-white blanket with pink and teal stripes. Just have a few ends to weave in and it’ll be done. The yarn I used was Caron Simply Soft and it didn’t really take that much time. I will caution you that it is very repetitive, but perfect for chilling and watching a movie. I don’t know about you, but I always have to have my fingers occupied while watching TV.

I love this pattern! I see so many different possibilities with it. I wanted to make a larger Seahawks inspired afghan for my daughter but when she asked if I could make a baby blanket in a week and a half and this one was already started I thought it was perfect. She still wants me to make one for her. I did increase the main color rows between the stripes from 6 to 10. I think the larger the blanket you make the greater space you need between the stripes. Next up is a Gryffindor inspired baby blanket!

seahawks inspired picture perfect baby blanket2

This shawl/wrap was done quite a while ago but I never did get around to posting it. It was a design called the Aasaan Wrap by Shyama Nivas that I tested. It ended up being a nice big wrap. The yarn was Serenity Garden.

aasaan wrap2


This is my months old test that I finally finished up. The only thing I needed to do was sew on the flowers, but I was having a hard time finding just the right buttons to use. I’m not happy with the placement but it’ll do. It is only my second felting project. I have to admit  that I don’t mind felting, it’s not nearly as difficult as I thought. The flowers are a bit imperfect, I didn’t get them neatened up enough between soaks. It’s perfect for small items. I was going to throw some of my toy food in there, but I gave it all away and haven’t made any more yet. Wouldn’t it be a cute shopping basket for a little girl? Thus all the little stuffies and crayons. This is another Anastacia Zittel pattern simply called Flower Basket.

flower_basket_1_medium2I also finished up testing a cute filet crochet scarf but haven’t had decent enough weather to get a nice picture. Guess it’ll have to wait for next week.