Sunday with the family

In this day and age it seems like we simply don’t spend enough time with family. Sometimes it feels like the only time I get together with my brother and sister and their families is for a holiday or maybe a birthday.

Today was one of those days we got together just to hang out. Well, I suppose we did have a little bit of a reason seeing I just had a birthday a few days ago and my brother’s is tomorrow. But whatever the reason, we decided to go bowling. We just don’t do it often enough. We have such a fun time slinging that bowling ball down the lane. Trying to do better than my mom who’s been in bowling leagues for years.

Every time we get together we all say the same thing “we need to do this more often”. But then we never do. It’ll probably be Thanksgiving before I see my brother again and he only lives 20 minutes away. Why don’t we get together? We’re not the only family like this I’m sure. Everyone is so caught up in their lives and friends they forget about family. Family relationships need to be nurtured just like a marriage and friendships.

I had a fun time with the family today and really would like to try to do it more often. You never know what will happen in the future and it’s nice to know family will be there for you.