FO Friday – Halloween Goodies!

I finished up a couple of Halloween goodies to send off to my grandson in South Dakota.

frankenbeanie frankenstein toddler crochet hat


crochet frankenstein monster toddler hat

The hat is a heavily modified version of the minion beanie I made for my daughter. I also made a couple for my grandson but never did get pictures of them before I sent them on their way. I borrowed some of the facial features from other beanies I saw floating around and came up with my own version. The hat is round, I didn’t have a little model so used a shortening can. Guess now he really does look like Frankenstein.

halloween treat bag

The bag is a quickie I did up so I could stuff it full of goodies and send it along with the hat. It’s a little wonky, but I just winged it and didn’t want to spend too much time counting to make sure I had just the right number of stitches for the handles. He’s almost three, he won’t notice that they aren’t quite centered.