FO Friday – On Sunday

Oops, looks like I got a little behind last week. I finished up testing a couple of items last week. The patterns haven’t been published yet, but as soon as they are I’ll link them up.

This is my first felted project. I thought it turned out pretty well and it felted beautifully on the first go round. It’s an Anastacia Zittel pattern that we did as a Test-A-Long. It was a very simple and actually a pretty quick pattern to work up. There are several different sizes available, this one is the small.

felted crochet bag pattern testI also finished these two pieces of 18″ doll clothing. The cardigan was made with size 3 cotton thread and was very easy, even for a beginner. I added a little button at the top of the sweater because it was screaming for some type of adornment. 

18" doll cardigan sweater american girl crochet

The top was made with some stash sock weight wool blend I had left over from a scarf a while back. The label wasn’t with it so not sure exactly what it was. I had just enough to finish up the top. It was actually a bit more complicated than the cardigan. It wasn’t really pieces, but it wasn’t all one piece from top down either. You start from the ribbing at the bottom and work your way to the top. Then you work a portion of the front, then the second portion of the front. Go and do the same thing for the back and then seam the front and back together at the shoulder. 

18" doll top sweater clothing american girl crochetAs soon as the patterns are officially published I’ll link them up.