What I’m reading right now

One of the other things besides crochet and cooking that takes up a lot of my free time is reading. I love to read and have always loved to read. I would go through four or five books a week from the school library when I was in elementary school. I also read about two or three grade levels higher than mine, they seemed to have more interesting books. My guilty, not so secret, secret is my favorite genre is romance. Right now I lean heavily towards the paranormal romances. Ok, I’ll admit it, I’m a paranormal junkie. I love reading books about the paranormal. Whether it’s werewolves, vampires or psychic powers it’s what interests me now. One of the other things I admit is that I don’t mind re-reading a book if it interests me and has been decently written.

I’ve been asked on countless occasions how can I do that, I already know the end of the story. That may be true but with all of the books I read I kind of lose details after a while and books start to blend together, and I just like a good story, whether I know the end of it or not. You also tend to pick up on some details that you missed the first time around. I find myself racing to the end of the book the first time around and miss some minor details which I discover on my second reading.

I decided to go back and re-read my Jayne Castle books about the paranormal world of Harmony. It’s been a while and I wanted to refresh my memory on the world of Harmony and dust bunnies. She just released a new novel in the series called Deception Cove so I want to re-read the first ones in the series again before I start the new book.

deception cove

If you like paranormal, if you like some suspense and drama mixed in with a whole lot of romance then you need to read Jayne Castle. She also writes as Jayne Ann Krentz and Amanda Quick. I guess it’s more she is Jayne Ann Krentz and writes as the others. Her Jayne Ann Krentz novels are contemporary romances, some with paranormal, some without. Her Amanda Quick novels are historical romances, once again some with paranormal, some without. Jayne Castle is all paranormal and futuristic, although you will find some of her earlier Jayne Castle as contemporary romances.

The Harmony books are set in a world away from Earth. It was settled by people from Earth who arrived through a gate called the “Curtain”. When the “Curtain” suddenly closes they are trapped there and all of their Earth technology starts to fall apart. While settling the planet they found they weren’t the first ones there, they found huge cities that had been abandoned by “aliens”. They also discovered over time that their “psi” senses were developing and they could manipulate the energy of the planet. The books do a great job in creating and describing this other world and the characters who live in it.

I really do recommend reading anything by Jayne Ann Krentz if you are in to romance and suspense with a little bit of paranormal activity thrown in, you won’t regret it.