FO Friday

I haven’t finished up much of anything recently. It’s just been too hot to sit around and crochet, especially my big projects. I actually did up these water bottle holders a few weekends ago. One for my mom and the others for my niece and nephew. They love having their water bottles so I thought this way they could always have their bottles with them. I had to shorten the rounds for my niece’s carrier, had to be able to fit her sippy cup in it.

This was actually a pattern I tested a while back for Anastacia Zittel at Anastacia Knits. The pattern was published in the e-mag Crochetvolution.

water bottle carrier crochet water bottle carrier crochet


I finally finished testing this shawl for Anastacia as well. I had originally wanted to do it in lace weight yarn but I just didn’t have the patience to fiddle with it. I think a nice lightweight yarn would be great, just not lace.  I’ve gotten to the point where if the pattern isn’t written specifically for lace weight yarn then I shouldn’t try substituting. I haven’t had much luck in the last few patterns I’ve tried to do just that.

This pattern hasn’t been officially published yet. But once it is you can find it on Ravelry in Anastacia’s store. I used Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable in Tidal. It had some nice self striping going on and the yarn itself was pretty easy to work with. You did have to be aware that it did have some thickness variance, but not so much that you had to cut chunks of the yarn out to maintain gauge. Not that it really mattered with this shawl. So here it is, I’m calling it the Tranquil Sea Shawl. The pictures really don’t show the beautiful blues and greens very well.

tranquil seas shawl crochet