Finally! The wedding desserts.

Dessert table at Karma

Dessert table at Karma

So if you haven’t noticed I’ve been practicing a few desserts for a friend’s wedding dessert table. She asked me to do six dozen chocolate cupcakes, six dozen French macarons and a small, cake topper size, wedding cake for cutting and photos. What a challenge and honor for me to make these things for her wedding. She had a fabulous wedding planned and I hated to let her down with mediocre cupcakes and cookies.

So I started practicing my macarons.  I tried two or three recipes and finally settled on this one, Brave Tarts macarons.  Definitely the best I tried for consistency, because her measurements are by weight which means you will always have the exact same amount of ingredients in the recipe. Then there was the search for a perfect chocolate cupcake recipe. I tried three and ended up using my chocolate cake recipe. I will mention that one of the original three recipes I tried was this exact recipe and they were pretty dry. The thing that helped them keep their moisture was the grease proof cupcake liners I ordered from the Sweets & Treats Boutique.  Love them, love them, love them. I can’t tell you what a huge difference they make to your cupcakes. No more greasy papers either.

The only thing I didn’t practice was decorating the cake. The bride wanted ruffles with a ruffled flower for an accent. The top would be decorated by the florist with fresh flowers (sorry I never had a chance to get a final picture with the flowers). I wish I had practiced a bit because I had never done ruffles and it took me quite a bit longer than I had anticipated. I was up until almost 2 in the morning, only to have to be up by 5 to head out to the wedding site, four hours away!

The wedding was held at Karma Vineyards. What a spectacular place and view. It really made me miss the vineyards in Germany, that’s for sure. The shocker to me when I got there to set up my desserts was that mine were pretty much the only desserts. The only other thing that was coming was some Biscotti. Otherwise it was all on me. But I think I pulled it off. It looked great and I was told that everything tasted great as well. I was pretty thrilled that I was able to help the bride on her special day.