My French Macarons were a success

french macarons

If you’ve read through my blog you may have noticed one or two posts regarding me attempting to make delicious macarons. I finally found a great recipe that turns out consistent macarons. I made some for a bridal shower this weekend and the bride loved them! She even told me that they were better than some of the ones she has had around Seattle. Wow! It really justified the time and effort I took looking for the perfect recipe and trying to perfect my technique as much as possible. The recipe I used is a fantastic one from BraveTart.

The key I discovered was to make sure you weigh your ingredients. Don’t measure, but weigh. I know I’ve heard that mentioned more than once, especially by Alton Brown whom I adore. But I never had a decent kitchen scale and truthfully, I rather thought it couldn’t make that much difference. I finally went and bought a very nice digital kitchen scale, it’s perfect for cooking and for crocheting (need to weigh my yarn once in a while). The difference is the consistency. Each time you make the recipe it should turn out exactly the same because you did it by weight. It’s always going to be the same weight but not always the same amount being shoved in to your measuring cup.

I didn’t change a thing with her recipe.  My filling was a plain butter cream that I use on all of my cakes and cupcakes. The only problem I had was the color. The color was supposed to be Tiffany blue, but it turned out more green than anything. They were nice and blue when I put them in the oven, but afterwards, just a bit green. So now to find out if all colors fade out during baking.  My next ones are due at the end of July for her wedding in blush and mint green.

So my kitchen tip of the day is to invest in a nice digital scale.  I suggest digital because it gives you the exact weight, I found it much more difficult to be precise with other scales.