In Search of the Perfect Chocolate Cupcake Recipe

NOT the perfect chocolate cupcake.

NOT the perfect chocolate cupcake.

It doesn’t exist!  Really, I don’t believe there is a Perfect Chocolate Cupcake Recipe. Either that or my baking mojo is gone.  I have never, ever had so many problems baking in my life.  I absolutely have to find the perfect recipe within the next couple of weeks because I’m supposed to make them for a wedding.

I thought my chocolate cake recipe would be fine. It’s what the bride wanted because she loves my chocolate cake.  What is good for cake wasn’t so good for cupcakes. Reading the fine print of the recipe it clearly stated the recipe was developed for an 8 or 9 inch pan and anything larger or smaller would not produce the same results. Yeah, found that out. The cupcakes were dry and fell apart when you touched them. So on to tracking down that perfect recipe.

My daughter told me she had the “perfect” recipe. I wasn’t happy with that one…dry.  So this weekend I made three different recipes. Not a winner in the bunch. I went to the Dessert Bible by Christopher Kimble. Same cookbook where I found my winning chocolate cake recipe.  Not good.  They were bland, not enough chocolate and still somewhat dry.

Then I went back to my daughter’s recipe. Seems it’s an Ina Garten recipe. Tried tweaking it a bit by adding a little extra water. Should have tried for more fat. The things sucked the moisture right out of your mouth with the first bite. You couldn’t take a second bite because you couldn’t swallow the first.

Then I went to a tried and true McCall’s Cooking School chocolate cake recipe.  It makes a great cake every time.  But not so much for cupcakes.  Better than the others but still dry.

I usually tell folks that if the cupcake is dry then you are over baking it.  I don’t see how I can bake it any less without having raw cake batter pouring out when you bite into it. So now I’m on a mission and would take any and all recommendations to heart. I really, really need to find The Perfect Chocolate Cupcake Recipe.