Why do I always do this?

little bitties mysteryghan cal

And so another one begins.  I don’t know why I continue to do this, but I just started yet another afghan. Let me see, that makes six in various stages, I think.  See, I can’t even keep track of what I have going!

This one is a mysteryghan CAL through Ravelry.  It’s not like I need another afghan. It’s not like I even have a specific recipient in mind for this afghan. Nope, not at all.  I simply love the designer and wanted to see what she had come up with this time.  This pattern is called Little Bitties and so far it’s cute florals.  I’m not much into floral afghans but I think this will turn out to be a bit different from others, knowing the designer.

I also really, really like starting new things and watching them grow into something.  Then when something new catches my eye…umm, there I go starting a new something or other.

So once again, I ask, why do I always do this?  The worst case of startitis imaginable. Maybe I can find someone who loves finishing things and between the two of us we can clean up my UFOs and WIPs. Yeah, right!