What’s been keeping me busy and quiet lately

I feel like I haven’t gotten anything accomplished for a while now.  I’ve been working on testing a shawl pattern for someone and it’s been rather time consuming.  It’s not the pattern, it’s me.  Instead of using the suggested weight of yarn I wanted to go very lightweight and use a lace weight yarn.  So very, very fine and I think once I’m done it will be worth the headaches.  I’ve ripped the shawl back about 5 or 6 times until I decided to double the starting chain and found the best hook size.  Once I figured that out it was fairly smooth sailing except for the fact it’s taking me forever!  I mean, it takes me about 45 minutes to do ONE row!  So I might be able to get two rows done a night.  But it’s getting there. I plan on working two more repeat rows and then start the border, which is five more rows.  Then block it and keep my fingers crossed that it turns out as good as I hope it does.

peacock's plume shawl


I’ve also been working on a ripple afghan for my daughter who wants to give it as a wedding gift to her friend.  It’s in the wedding colors and I think it looks like Neapolitan ice cream myself.  Not quite the colors I would choose but it’s what she likes. I love the pattern, just not fond of the colors. I do like the cute little puff stitches though, don’t you? Adds some nice texture to the blanket.

ripple afghan wip

ripple afghan puff stitch

Let’s see if I can get this thing done by July, hopefully June so she can give it to her at her bridal shower.