Easter Goodies

I had a very quiet Easter with my daughter yesterday.  We did some baking and watched a movie. So relaxing.  I made cut out sugar cookies and took them over so we could decorate them, and tried another batch of Macarons.  I’m bound and determined to perfect these little suckers it if kills me!

Our not so pretty Easter cut outs.  I didn’t have all of my tips so we improvised quite a bit.

easter cookies easter cookies easter cookies


My latest batch of Macarons.   I tried a different recipe this time. This one requires weighing the ingredients which is always better in order to maintain consistency.  One tray was definitely under done and stuck to the parchment paper. The others seemed to be done, but I thought were a little too brown.  But if I had taken them out even a minute earlier they would have been underdone.  They also seemed to be hollow again, dang it!  But they did taste great and they had great little feet on them.  Gonna get it down to perfection yet!

macarons third attempt


Hope everyone had an enjoyable Easter weekend with family and friends!