Will I Never Learn?!!

One of my many in progress projects is testing an afghan pattern for a designer. So here I am almost done and decide to spread it out on the bed to see exactly how much longer I need to make it.  Imagine my surprise when I see that the bottom of the afghan covers the bottom of the bed quite nicely, but look to the top and see that it is at least 2 inches shorter than the bottom.  Pulling and tugging doesn’t help.


So what did I do?  You tell me.  Probably a lot of it is tension, think I posted that just a few weeks ago here.  Not sure that is really the reason because usually my tension gets more loose the more comfortable I am with a pattern.  So I frogged the entire afghan to start all over.

Will I never learn to maintain even tension?  I guess I’ll just have to make sure I check the progress more often and not wait until the very end. I probably could have saved myself a huge headache had I done so at least half way through.