The end of another year!

So here it is the end of yet another year, and yet again I feel like I accomplished nothing. I’m hoping for a better 2013. I vowed this year not to make any New Years Resolutions, I never follow through with them anyway and break them by February. But the one thing I am going to do is keep up with my blog better. Make sure I take pictures and post regularly, share a few favorite recipes, etc.

By the end of January I will be totally out of a job and that is very depressing to think about. It’s been in the works for ages but the company will finally be closing it’s doors by February 1st. I will end up working minimal hours to clean up client projects and then I”m done. Now the process of dusting off my resume and making it shiny and bright again….only problem is I have a hard time selling myself. Wish me luck in my job hunt.

I’ve finished a few things here and there before Christmas but failed to take pictures. I’ll get the hang of photojournaling someday. Here are a few things that I have finished up since my last visit.

You remember the big lovely tree my son and I cut down at the beginning of December, right? Well it sat naked in my living room for close to three weeks. We finally decorated it Christmas Eve. It’s not anywhere close to how I normally would decorate. I only have about 700 lights on it when I would normally have at least 1200. I only used about 1/2-3/4 of my ornaments. After taking the picture I could see big gaping holes where an ornament could easily have been placed. But here it is, all done Christmas Eve.

2012 christmas tree  clothespin angel ornament, thread icicle, cross-stitch stocking  cross-stitch windsock

My cut out sugar cookies. I failed to take a lovely picture of all the cookies and candy I made this year. Once again not quite as much as I usually do, but a fair amount.

christmas sugar cookies  DSCN1345

DSCN1349  DSCN1351

A handmade Christmas card I sent for a swap gift. So easy to do. I believe the pattern had originally been one of those stamping kits. I saw the photo on Pinterest and thought I could do this easily enough.  I bought some nice card stock, used a fine line sharpie and drew the little ornament hangers and bows and glued on some buttons. The photo showed that the buttons were sewn on, but I had run out of time and simply glued them on. I had also found some cute snowflake embellishments and added those. Then hand wrote a nice Christmas greeting inside. Very simple and quick to make.

button christmas card

A few other crochet items I finished least the ones I managed to take pictures of before giving them away.

crochet infinity scarf

DSCN1324  DSCN1325  DSCN1328

And so that ends another year. I hope everyone had a very good 2012 and wish you all the best for 2013!