Finding the perfect tree

Now I know Christmas is here. My son and I went to the u-cut tree farm and got our Christmas tree today.  For years all I had was an artificial tree. I have to admit it was a beautiful tree and people always thought it was real when they saw it, but I missed having a real tree. We resorted to the artificial tree when we lived in Texas.  The already cut trees you could buy in the tree lot had been chopped down for who knows how long and were already dropping needles before we even left the lot.  I found a great deal on a beautiful tree at Sears one year and we used that tree for at least 10 years. Three years ago we finally decided we wanted to go back to a real tree and found a great Christmas tree farm.

I love this tree farm, they have a beautiful log home overlooking their tree farm and have the best trees! They take wonderful pride and care for all of their trees. They are nicely shaped and kept trimmed beautifully, the grass isn’t allowed to overtake everything. I think this is such a great part of the holiday season.  Wandering through the trees trying to find just the right one.

We almost lost our perfect tree to someone else yet again this year….I did last year!  We found a great tree but wanted to take a look around just in case there was a better one. Fortunately we marked the tree with a chunk of trunk that was lying there. As we were heading back we saw some people heading straight for our tree so I rushed my little backside and we got there at the same time. They were laughing and asked if we had our eye on the same tree. I told them it looks like we did but we marked it just in case. So they were very gracious and said “well you marked it so it’s yours”. My son and I had to laugh because one of the gentlemen thanked us….we were at one of the farthest corners of the field and it was quite a way to haul a 9 foot tree. He wasn’t looking forward to it at all!

So here’s our tree in the field…my son is standing in front of it just before we cut it down.

christmas tree

Christmas tree shopping

Here it is in the back of his truck. Now the fun of trimming and getting in the house and then stringing lights and hanging ornaments. I’ll keep you posted on my progress. It usually takes me 2 or 3 days to decorate my tree.

Big Tree! All 9 feet of it.

Big Tree! All 9 feet of it.