FO Friday..a little early

I haven’t posted my finished projects in quite awhile…wow! Didn’t realize it had been that long.

I was right, my dear daughter did not like the green cowl. She didn’t like the yarn, it wasn’t quite what she was expecting when she picked it out. Me either to tell the truth. So I made this one for her from some very pretty Lion Brand Homespun. She like this one much better! I gave it to her on my birthday…she thought it was funny that she’s the one who received a present on my birthday.

Ashley's Cowl

Ashley’s Cowl

This is a cowl I made for myself, it’s a nice long one that I can twist twice and have a nice look to it. I used the same pattern as above, just made it longer. Love that pattern, it’s so simple, yet so versatile.  Got it from here, Mobius Cowl pattern from Marilyn Knits.

long cowl     

These are two 12″ squares I did for a swap.  Love the colors, hope she likes it too. It’s called Wish Upon a Star by Melinda Miller.   The one next to it is called Op Art by Jennifer Christensen….doesn’t it look cool?

wish upon a star 12" square   op art 12" square

These are some squares I tested for Anastacia Knits Designs. They are 7×9″ squares designed specifically for Warm Up America.  They are free downloads on Ravelry. You can drop off any 7×9″ squares in the designated drop boxes at Michaels if you don’t want to put them together yourself.

warm up america charity squares  warm up america charity square

warm up america charity square  warm up america charity square
So that’s what I’ve done in the past two weeks. I have another anastacia shawl I’m testing and then a ton of other projects still waiting to be finished. I really, really need to stop starting new things and finish the old. But it is so fun testing patterns.

Need to get working on my daughter’s Christmas ornaments next. I wanted to give them to her at Thanksgiving…yikes! That is just next week! Better get hookin’!!