Ah…so the truth is out

I lead an extraordinary boring life! I started my little blogging experience a month ago and started out gangbusters with pretty little posts and pictures just as recommended. But noticed that I quickly started sliding downhill…I was lucky to post once maybe twice a week in my blog. I sit here and think “what have I done recently that I can talk about?”   My mind draws a blank. What have I done?  I don’t want to bore the followers and readers I do have with my talk of “warmed up left overs for dinner tonight”, “was supposed to vacuum the house today but didn’t feel like it”, etc.

I’m not a writer and have never claimed to be so coming up with witty prose isn’t ever going to happen. Wish I could cook a fantastic meal every night of the week and post beautiful food pictures. I’ve made some pretty good meals but have totally forgotten to take pictures. But do you honestly want a picture of my nice and moist meatloaf? Maybe I should have posted the recipe at least. It really is pretty good but no different than 100 other recipes out there.  Nothing new or unusual about it.

So what does one write in their blog without putting everyone to sleep and boring them to death? I guess I’m just not as creative and imaginative as others. I’ve looked and read so many blogs and think “oh what a wonderful piece, I love what they have to say”. I see beautiful pictures of food, various projects, scenery, etc…each one makes me want to be there and experience the taste, smells, and atmosphere. But I guess that’s what they are meant to do, aren’t they? Make you want to be there.

I just have to tell myself that I just started this little journey and it is going to take some time to get into the rhythm of blogging and to remember to jot down notes, or take pictures while I’m out and about.  So instead of wondering what to write I suppose I should get up off my butt and go out there and do something about making my life not so boring.