FO Friday — What did I finish this week?

Ok, seriously where has time gone? I was trying to remember if I even finished any projects this week…only one and that was early in the week. Obviously not much hooking time this week.

I finally finished testing this Slip Stitch Shawl for   One would think a simple slip stitch would be easy right? How wrong could I be! Lovely pattern, horrible execution on my part. I used Bernat Mosaic so I could have a nice striping effect, it didn’t turn out badly and the yarn was actually very easy to use for a slip stitch project. My problem is tension…I seem to crochet pretty tight. The shawl was done originally with an L / 8mm hook.  It was just too small to use as either a shawl or a scarf and way too bulky for my liking so I frogged the whole thing and started over.

This time I used an M / 9mm  hook and I had to consciously crochet very loosely.  It drapes and feels much better now and I’m liking it a whole lot better than I did at first.  So here’s my one little finished object this week.

slip stitch shawl