Halloween Eyeball Cupcakes

So my son asked me last week if I would make something for his Halloween pot luck at work and of course I told him I would and promptly put it out of my head. So last night at 5 pm I start panicking….what in the heck am I going to make?  I scour the web for interesting pictures and ideas, many of them way to complicated for the little time I have left not to mention I still need a trip to the store to pick up ingredients…no matter what I decide to make. So I finally came up with cupcakes but not sure if someone else will be bringing any…my son is useless, all he knows is he is supposed to bring something. So I call my daughter, who happens to work at the same place and she tells me what folks are bringing..bingo! Cupcakes it is. But how to make them Halloween themed?

I made a yellow cake and added some orange food coloring and then also made a chocolate cake. Put a little of each in the cupcake liners and swirled it around a bit to make a two-toned cupcake. Frosted them with orange buttercream and topped them off with an eyeball.  The eyeballs are my peanut butter balls dipped in white chocolate. I painted the eyes on and took some red gel icing (yeah from a tube) to make the bloodshot eyes.

Finished it up at about 10:30pm…my kitchen is a disaster! Not looking forward to going home tonight to clean it..yuk!  But the eyes are kinda cute.

halloween peanut butter ball eyeball cupcakes     halloween peanut butter ball eyeball cupcakes