Another FO Friday!

It’s been a pretty busy hookin’ week this week. I actually accomplished quite a bit, still have tons to work on but at least I made some progress.

This cowl is for my dear, dear daughter. She picked out the yarn because she wanted something a bit different, but I’m not sure she’s going to like this. There are 6 different types of yarn in here, some of it rather interesting. We’ll see how she likes it as I’m going to take it over to her later this afternoon. Think she is just going to ask me to make something different. I also didn’t make it near as wide as the pattern called for. It called for 2 balls of yarn and I ended up using just one.

This pattern, Cowl a’ la Mode,  came from the Red Heart website and actually was designed for this yarn,  Red Heart Boutique Changes.

cowl a la mode green cowl

This next one is another request from my daughter, but for a friend of hers. She had seen a bomber hat I made for my daughter’s boyfriend and wanted one for herself….in her wedding colors. I’m hoping it looks cute on her, she is dark haired and olive complected so I’m thinking this will look good on her…I hope.  I doubled the yarn while crocheting to get a thicker hat. Had a ton of yarn left over so made some cute little fingerless mitts with matching buttons.  I’m not 100% happy with the mitts, after I sewed the buttons on and weaved in the ends I realized I would have liked it better cuffed, so the buttons actually need to be sewn on the wrong side. I don’t have a picture of the mitts yet, I’ll add it later.

The bomber hat is from adrienneengar, The Fuzzy Noggin on ETSY. She really does have the cutest hats imaginable!

bomber hat    fingerless mitts

And finally this little stole/scarf.  I thought it was cute until I took and saw the pictures and then I wasn’t sure about the striping effect. But it really is much cuter in person. This pattern is called Beatrix Potter Stole/Scarf by Mercy Schwisow. I did add a picot edging on the two ends and on the sides worked a chain four, slip stitch evenly across to give it a bit of a lacy look. Nice easy pattern, great for keeping your hands busy while watching a movie.


So there are my finished objects for this week.

eta for fingerless mitts