Finished Object (FO) Friday

So I’ve decided to designate Friday as Finished Object Friday to show off everything that I accomplished, or more probable, that I didn’t accomplish during the week.

This week I only managed to get two things finished, the lovely Wells Ripple Afghan from Anastacia Knits designs on Ravelry.

I chose to call mine the Wintery Ripple Afghan. The color scheme was supposed to emulate a snowy forest, the grey for the trees, red berries, green needles and white snow every where. It ended up looking more like Christmas than anything, but that’s ok because I love Christmas and it’ll look great with all of my decorations.

Wintery Ripple Afghan

The second item was a cute little amigurumi unicorn for a swap I’m participating in. Hopefully my swap partner doesn’t see this until after she gets her gift.  Found the pattern on Ravelry….Lil Baby Unicorn

Lil Baby Unicorn

So that’s all I accomplished this week. Don’t know what I have planned for next yet. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.